Spring River Log Homes & Timber Systems will work with you in creating that beautifulModified King Truss timber frame system for your greatroom, master bedroom, entryway or an outdoor timber pavilion that will provide the feeling of warmth and security, but strength as well. The stunning beauty of open spaces filled with massive timbers produces a structure that will inspire and endure through the ages; you’re building a legacy.

We teamed up with an exceptional timber frame company in the Appalachian Mountains that uses old world techniques in conjunction with modern technology to create your timber truss system.

Standard King TrussOur structural timber frame roof system can be installed on any wall, from a traditional 2x6 wall, to a milled or handcrafted log wall system. Using a variety of standard truss systems, the designers and craftsmen will create a truly unique truss system that you will be proud to show off. We can also create custom timber trusses unique to your project. See Picture of Standard King.

One of the key benefits for the builder is the ease of installation. Most of the standardMissouri Arch Truss trusses are joined through a mortise and tenon connection with Oak pegs securing the two joints. These are prefitted at the shop, disassembled and numbered for quick reassembly at the job site.  Some lower pitch trusses can be shipped assembled. When the trusses are reassembled at your job site, the crane can usually install them in less than a day. Occasionally, the mortise & tenon is not strong enough at a critical connection, internal steel is necessary, see picture. Timberlinx conecters are used in these critical connections with expansion anchors. The Missouri Arch Truss uses 10 timberlinx connectors to secure the massive laminated arch.

Hammer Beam TrussStructural timbers are available in Douglas-fir, Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Oak and reclaimed timbers. Other species by special request are available. Douglas-fir is available in Free-of-Heart (less checking) and all species can be kiln dry to 19% or less. Standard trusses can span widths from 8 feet up to 36 feet and from 6/12 pitch to 20/12 pitch with on-center spacing of 4 feet through 12 feet. To further your architectural statement, order your timber trusses with a decorative package. Options include curved struts, sculpted king posts, chamfered edges, through tenons, rough sawn, hand hewn and sanded smooth. All timber frame systems are reviewed and signed by a licensed structural engineer.


Ridge & Rafter Roof Systems

The ridge and rafter system is a beautiful way to integrate an exposed beam roof system in your home. The load is on the center ridge beam, the result is unobstructed wide open spaces with post supporting the ridge beam.

Ridge Rafter Ridge Rafter

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