Full Scribe & Saddle Notch Handcrafted log shells/roof systems


Butt and Pass corner The Scandinavian Full Scribe is our most popular style of handcrafted log home construction. The full scribe is a chinkless style of round log construction. To ensure a tight fit as the logs dry down, High Mountain Log Homes employs a method by using several scribed settings to fit the same log. This is commonly known as the “Over-scribed method”. This technique uses one scribe setting for the lateral groove of the log, a slightly smaller scribe setting for the saddle notch (under-scribed), and a slightly wider scribe for the log flyways. The contours of the lowest log are precisely scribed to the log above, and the wood is carefully removed to create a Swedish cope in the lateral. The lateral grooves will have an initial loose fit in the log yard, with aboutCutting The Notch 100% of the weight on the saddle notches. Compression and shrinkage will transfer about 25% of the weight of the logs to the scribed lateral grooves, maintaining a tight notch and causing a tight fit to occur on the laterals. By using this method, no caulk, chinking, or extra thick gaskets are required. Cutting systems that do not follow this process tend to have openings in the saddles. We use self locking, self draining saddles, that are under-scribed and sanded to insure tight corners over the life of the log home.

Fiberglass insulation is installed in the laterals, and fiberglass blankets are installed in the notches to prevent air infiltration. As an upgrade, Emseal with fiberglass insulation or treated wool can be used.

Cutting the Swedish cope


Scandinavian Saddle Notch is our most popular corner, see picture.


Diamond Saddle Notch, see picture.


Pictures: (Above) Brennan (Head Log Smith) points to the relief cut. This allows the notch to compress onto the log below as it dries. (Right) Brennan cuts the scribe.

The Round Notch is the most traditional system of joining log corners, but has the most deficiencies. The handcrafted and milled log industries uses this outdated method. Shrinkage of the logs will open up these notches and will have the tendency to catch water. This notch will never be used by High Mountain Log Homes.

Another beautiful handcrafted log shell with a log purlin roof system on the owners foundation. The general contractor will now take over the building project.

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