Full Dovetail Notch
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Full Dovetail/Douglas FirHigh Mountain Log Homes prides itself for being one of the few premier builders of fully-scribed dovetail log homes; one of the most exacting expressions in the handcraft trade. The full-scribed dovetail is a chinkless style of log construction that has been sawed flat on two sides. The fully-scribed Dovetail is a very intricate design; a beautiful rarity in the log home market.

The full-dovetail notching has been used in Europe for centuries and found frequently in Pennsylvania, but rarely found in the Ozark or Appalachian Mountains. A full-dovetail is cut at a compound angle on both top and bottom edges and is the most elaborate form of corner notching. In the early developments of log construction in the Appalachians, the full-dovetail seemingly evolved into the half-dovetail notch which provided the same superior joint with less labor. The top edge of the logs has a single notch angled downward from the back to the front, and the bottom has a simple notch angled upward from the end. The half dovetail log cabin was popular in the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains during the 1800’s.

Logs are typically flattened on two sides and joined at the corners by a full or half dovetail joint. This corner notch is very stable, secure and self-locking. The typical wall log is 8”x 12”; exterior/interior finishes are planed smooth, rough sawn, or hand hewn adzed. Larger and round logs can be requested for this system. Fiberglass insulation is installed in the laterals grooves to prevent air infiltration. The corner notches will need to be caulked with Perma-Chinked Energy Seal or a similar product. As an upgrade, Emseal with fiberglass insulation or treated wool can be used in the lateral grooves.

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